Why Does Dr. Oz’s Cleanse Work?

Apr 10 2012 Published by under Cleanses And Detox Programs

Since we first published our outline of Dr. Oz’s Two Day Cleanse that was featured in Oprah Magazine, we continue to get a lot of interesting and traffic to this page.

The main reason for this is that Dr. Oz simply has a ton of credibility. People have been talking about many of the ideas presented in his cleanse for years now, and Dr. Oz’s role is to come along after a new idea has circulated for a while and then put his stamp of approval on it.

One of the most interesting aspects of Dr. Oz’s cleanse is what he does not say. Take corn for example. Many people in the health community are now questioning whether popcorn is good for a diet. It used to be common knowledge that this food was low in calories, could fill you up.

People now realize, thanks to people like Dr. Mercola, that corn is one of the most genetically modified foods out there. People estimate that 95% of corn is now genetically modified. People also realize that corn is high on the glycemic load and can generate allergic responses in people, in a low grade kind of way.

What does this have to do with Emotional Eating and Dr. Oz’s Cleanse?


Because foods like corn are not on his cleanse. Nor is bread, dairy, soy etc.

Dr. Oz knows all the cutting edge research. He has been reading what Mercola has been saying about GMO’s for years. But it is not his role to be out there on the cutting edge.

So just realize that when it comes to Dr. Oz, you need to have a little faith in him, and know that there is a lot being left unsaid.

It is meant to be that way. If he was at the leading edge, he would not be getting big TV and media deals. They would be afraid of him.

So he is almost more powerful playing the careful role that he is.



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